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Welcome to the Ericaceae resource centre

Rhododendron mendumiae. Image David Purvis
Rhododendron mendumiae. Image David Purvis
Rhododendorn aponanum. Image David Purvis
Rhododendorn aponanum. Image David Purvis
Ericaceae, with c. 4250 known species in 124 genera, is the 14th most species-rich family of flowering plants.
This website provides information to taxonomists working on the flowering plant family Ericaceae, which includes cranberry, blueberry, huckleberry,
rhododendron & azaleas, heaths and heathers. It will also contain conservation information relating to the Global Conservation Consortium for Rhododendron.

The Ericaceae resource centre is contributing the taxonomy of the Family to the World Flora Online project. This is a dynamic database, with frequent updates and no archived versions. We recommend users personally archive any data cited or used.

Status of subfamily curation (March 2022)
  • Arbutoideae (Complete)
  • Cassiopoideae (Complete)
  • Enkianthoideae (Complete)
  • Epacridoideae (Pending)
  • Ericoideae (Mostly complete only Erica pending)
  • Harrimanelloideae (Complete)
  • Monotropoideae (Basic curation done)
  • Pyroloideae (Basic curation done)
  • Vaccinioideae (Under way)

To acknowledge the source of the data, please cite:

Elliott. A.C., Purvis, D. & Pullan, M. (2020–). Ericaceae Resource Centre. Online database available from