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Nomenclatural and Taxonomic data was initally harvested from the World Flora Online (WFO 2019) Taxonomic Backbone as the baseline data to begin curation. 

The following have contributed expertise to the curation of the taxonomic backbone.
  • Alan Elliott (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh & GCC-Rhododendron) — Rhododendron
  • David Chamberlain (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh) — Rhododendron
  • David Purvis (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh) — Rhododendron
  • George Argent (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh) - Rhododendron (subgen. Vireya), SE Asian Vaccinium, Diplycosia Rigiolepis
  • Wendy A Mustaqim (Universitas Samudra) — Malesian Vaccinioideae
  • Yasper Michael Mambrasar (Herbarium Bogoriense)- Malesian Ericaceae
  • Peter Fritch (BRIT) — Vaccinioidae
  • Paola Pedraza (New York Botanic Garden) — Neotropical Ericaceae, CavendishiaDisterigma, Psammisia
  • James L. Luteyn (New York Botanic Garden) — Neotropical Ericaceae
  • Ronell Klopper (SANBI) — Erica

  • Michael David Pirie (Bergen Botanic Garden & GCC- Erica) - Erica
  • Tim Pearce (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew & GCC- Erica) - Erica
  • Jo Osborne (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew & GCC- Erica) - Erica
  • Rafidah Abdul Rahman (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) - Rhododendron


The following have generously contributed field records and image data. 

Maria Baden, Santanu Dey, David Purvis, Maya Sidorova, Mohd. Hairul Mohd. Amin & Soham Cacker. 


WFO (2019): World Flora Online. Version 2015.5. Published on the Internet; Accessed on: 23/Aug/2019