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Specimen data is being added from the herbarium at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Basic data from other herbaria where appropraite.

Nomenclatural and Taxonomic data was initally harvested from the World Flora Online (WFO 2019) Taxonomic Backbone as the baseline data to begin curation.

Status of curation (August 2021)
  • Enkianthoideae (Complete)
  • Pyroloideae (Under Way)
  • Monotropoideae (Basic curation complete)
  • Arbutoideae (Pending)
  • Cassiopoideae (Complete)
  • Ericoideae (Only Erica to do)
  • Harrimanelloideae (Complete)
  • Epacridoideae (Pending)
  • Vaccinioideae (Under way)

Descriptive content is being added from Notes from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Edinburgh Journal of Botany and George Argent's Rhododendrons of the subgenus Vireya. 2nd Ed. (2015), these accounts can be accessed via the taxon's nomenclatural record. These will also be shared with the World Flora Online and available through their portal.


WFO (2019): World Flora Online. Version 2015.5. Published on the Internet; Accessed on: 23/Aug/2019